Dance Orientale by the Lovely Zareena


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  Some Cool Artists



                                                                                                                                                                                             Jonathan Bowser





                                                                                                                                      and Duirwaigh Gallery 




  Loads of Belly Dance Info/Resources
Don't get lost!

Bellydancers Historical Gallery

and Belly Dance Museum   --

Information on upcoming events in the New England area-         

Shira's -Chock Full of Info 

 Lulu Sabongi-Click on the left side of her site

www.bdancer Homepage-More stuff than you have time to read.

 Aziza Sa'id's site-Again more stuff than you have time to read

Omphalo-Stepses site- Great links page

Belly Dance Info for Students

 Alyne's Student Notebook

Miramar's OnLine Dance Lessons (click on Online Dance Lessons)

A'kai Silks-Dancing with Silk Veils

Bayou Shimmy-Beginner's Page



Silk Veils-A'Kai Silks

Acme Belly Dance Supplies


 Music Sites

Arabia Tower

Song Lyrics




More Makeup-in German but you can follow the pictures

Learn Rhythms or Drums

  Quick Guide to Doumbek Rhythms

Khafif's Guide to Middle Eastern Rhythms

Kamuran's Guide for Doumbek Players 

Alyne's-Zill Practice Patterns 

Miramar's- OnLine Dance Lesson/Finger Cymbal Lesson


                  Zaghareet Magazine                
                 Hip Circle Magazine               
  Bennu Magazine

 Unrelated to Belly Dancing

Rock In Boston 

Public Action for Arts and Education  

My Favorite Perfume-Caswell-Massey Elixir of Love


Poem-Everything Happens for a Reason 

Poem-If I had My Life to Live Over Again

 Great place to get Business Cards

Check out your--Horoscope

Daily Buddhism Wisdom

Prayer for the Day-Islam

Prayer of the Day-Native American 

    Native American Inspiration 


A Course in Miracles 

Kalpulli Chaplin

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