Dance Orientale by the Lovely Zareena


ZAREENA’S ascent to popularity with audiences is a story which has its genesis in her 15 years of ballet training beginning at the age of 3 and the inspired teaching of renowned dancer and teacher SARDIS. Her journey through the art of Greek, Russian, Spanish, Hawaiian, Tahitian and Jazz dancing combined with her skill and passion as a percussionist have now led her to the drum driven rhythms of Middle Eastern music and dance.

  Photo by: Michael Harkavy



ZAREENA was awarded first prize of the 2004 Diva Pageant presented by Grand Dame/Diva Productions' * Za-Beth's Magic Carpet. Contestants danced to the music of Boston's own talented singer and show-man personified George Abdo. Contestants had the honor of being judged by George Abdo's brother Dr. Daniel Abdo, George's brother-in-law Tom Haddad, Zaina-contest winner Averof Restaurant-1979 and by Louise Koulalis-a true diva herself.                                                                                                                                     

Audiences rave about her show stealing performances in
"Nick and Zita’s Funny Fat Greek Wedding", 
the popular interactive theatrical production.     



ZAREENA can be seen at her regular appearances at the Middle East Restaurant
and Argana's in Cambridge where she is always enthusiastically received.

Zareena has also danced at Tangierino's in Charlestown, MAEfendi's in Cranston, RI
George's Restaurant in Vernon, Conn. 







ZAREENA, has the distinction of dancing to the music of the virtuoso Fred Elias
at the Athenian Corner Restaurant in Lowell,
as well as the
Dionysos Restaurant at the Radison Hotel in Cambridge,
an honor which she cherishes.








ZAREENA also had the honor of being the featured dancer for the legendary musical recording artist "Little Joe Cook's 
80th birthday celebration..



And the honor of opening for the London band "Oojami" when they played at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, MA in June 2005.


is a former member of the ensemble dance troupe
           Al-Jawary Al-Hessan          
    Director/Choreographer: Sardis 



   ZAREENA's style is best described as
graceful, beautiful and sensuous
while maintaining the integrity of the time honored traditions
of Middle Eastern belly dancing art form.




  Photo by: Michael Harkavy  


ZAREENA is a widely sought after dancer for
private and corporate functions 
                as well as the ever popular belly-gram                   






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