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"If her smile lights up a room, her dancing sets it on fire! On stage she is amazing and in the classroom as well. As a teacher Zareena demonstrates belly dance moves beautifully and with such grace! After she demonstrates a move she has the ability to technically break it down in such a way that you can understand the muscle mechanics behind it. Watching and listening to her you think to yourself "some day I'm going to do that move just like her." Of course you don't, or at least I haven't, but Zareena gives you hope that someday you will have the skill to dance well. Zareena gently corrects your form and encourages you to take risks so that even when you're floundering, you feel like a Superstar! Her greatest gift is that she creates a learning atmosphere that is safe so you aren't afraid to look silly, or feel foolish when taking a risk-and for me at my age, bearing my belly is frightening in and of itself! "   Donna P.  

      "...terrific and class was a lot of fun.  Bellydancing always sounded like a sexy and yet intimidating hobby – one that only very few can enjoy. You made us all feel comfortable and confident dancing in our own bodies.  A real confidence builder!"   Anonomous 

"I started studying with Zarena this year and she has really turned me on to the fun, fitness, and technique of belly dancing. She is a clear and patient teacher, incredibly knowledgeable about a variety of different styles, and wonderfully tuned into the music. Plus, she is a lovely upbeat person whose love of dance shines through in every class. It is a pleasure studying and dancing with her."   
Gail Z. 

  "Zareena teaches her Belly Dance Classes with the same enthusiasm she puts into doing a show. She truly loves the Dance and has a lot of patience with her students. The thing I have so enjoyed about her classes is her explanation of everything we do from the exercises to the dance steps. She always makes us feel like we are making progress even when we see little improvement in ourselves. She has great techniques to offer whether you are a skinny novice of 21 or an older, wiser lady in your late 50's like me! And for those ladies who are pregnant....her class is a wonderful way to prepare yourself for childbirth, especially if it is your first!" Jaki R.  
            "I have only had one experience with taking a class with Zareena because of my work schedule. I was very impressed with her knowledge and sensitivity to my back problem which made me feel comfortable and able to enjoy the class. I loved the class and look forward to taking more classes with her."    Gina K.
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Come and join in the fun and fitness of belly dance classes!!!
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